How to install KeyCAPTCHA on Joomla

What is KeyCAPTCHA on Joomla ?

KeyCAPTCHA is a visual CAPTCHA extension that relies on displaying a jigsaw puzzle graphic as either HTML5 or a Flash object. It detects which to use automatically. … KeyCAPTCHA is a strict and effective Turing test but, unlike many other captchas, it does not require any text typing

Why KeyCAPTCHA for Joomla ?

1. Anti-spam protection. Social advertising. Monetization through commercial ads.
2. Anti-spam protection. Monetization through commercial ads.
3. Anti-spam protection. Social advertising.
4. Anti-spam protection without any ads.

This article will explain how to Enable, configure, and use the basic options in the KeyCAPTCHA.

Instead of guessing symbols, CAPTCHA offers visitors to complete an easy interactive task. If KeyCAPTCHA hasn’t been solved correctly, page refreshing doesn’t take place that allows the user not to fill in the form repeatedly. It occurs since there is an initial checkup of CAPTCHAs in the KeyCAPTCHA servers before sending a filled-in form to the protected web server.

Step 1.) Login to your Joomla Dashboard.

Login to your Joomla Dashboard as admin or the user who is having admin privileges.

Step 3.) Click Add New.

As the Plugin is not installed by default we need to add Plugins to the plugin directory either by installing it from the Joomla Extensions or you can upload it from your local PC.

Step 3.) Installing KeyCAPTCHA Plugin.

To install the Plugin search for the plugin on the Extensions.

Register on and log-in to our site

Add your site URL to a Site list.

Follow the CAPTCHA installation instructions in our Wizard.

Step 4.) Activating the Plugin.

To activate the Plugin go to the extensions > Plugin Manger search for the Plugin & activate it.

Step 5.)  Verifying the KeyCAPTCHA

We can verify the KeyCAPTCHA by creating a new Plugin.


That’s it, We have installed the Plugin & activated.'About Tutor

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