How to install Anticopy on Joomla

What is Anticopy on Joomla ?

AntiCopy helps you to restrict web page printing, copy page contents, disable right click, highlight and copy functions using javascript. Protect your contents by using this plugin.

Why Anticopy for Joomla ?

This award winning plugin helps to restrict framing site, printing and copying page contents by disabling the right click, drag and copy functions.

You can able to prevent print screen & ban the Right click, also you can able to restrict the group.

This article will explain how to Enable, configure, and use the basic options in the Anticopy .

The plugin is compatible with newer versions of Joomla. Older versions of this plugin for Joomla 1.5-3.1 are available on the

using the older versions of Joomla is not recommended one, We would highly recommend you to upgrade your Joomla to avoid any sort of security loop hole.

Step 1.) Login to your Joomla Dashboard.

Login to your Joomla Dashboard as admin or the user who is having admin privileges.

Step 2.) Click Add New.

As the Plugin is not installed by default we need to add Plugins to the plugin directory either by installing it from the Joomla Extensions or you can upload it from your local PC.

Step 3.) Installing Anticopy Plugin.

To install the Plugin search for the plugin on the Extensions.

You have to click on the Download option under the Plugin, once you click the download option you will be redirected to the Plugin author’s website.

download the Plugin from there & upload it, once you uploaded the plugin you can able to install able to install it from the Joomla admin page.

Step 4.) Activating the Plugin.

After the installation, to use the Plugin we need to enable it from the Extensions >> Plugins directory. Here search for the Plugin Anticopy and enable it choosing the default options.

Step 5.) Configuring Options

We need to configure the options to control the spam & to restrict copying the contents.

On this page we need to enable the below options,

  1. Framing
  2. Restricted User Groups
  3. Print
  4. Print Screen
  5. Right Click
  6. Show Message
  7. Drag and Copy

That’s it folks, We are secured with the Anticopy Plugin.
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