How to create a cpanel accounts with WHM

( Note: Before you can create a new account, you must create a package in WHM )

Step 1: Login into your WHM panel as a root user.



Step 2: Enter create in the search box  which is on the top left side corner and then select create a new account.




Step 3:

Domain :In this field, you must enter the domain name for which you are creating the cPanel (do not include www. in front of the domain). If needed, you can create a cPanel account for a subdomain.





WHM will automatically suggest a username when you click this field. Please keep the following criteria in mind when creating a username:

  • May consist of 8 characters or less.
  • Must be letters and numbers only with no spaces.
  • May not use special characters or spaces.

Also you cannot use the username of root as it is already taken by the server.

Password: use a unique and secure password  (It is recommended that you use the Password Generator tool to get secured password).

Email :The email address entered in this field is used by WHM for automatic notification of issues with the account. If you want to receive these emails, simply enter your own email address instead of the account holder’s email address. WHM will automatically send an email with the account information to the address provided when the account is created.


Step 4:Select the package from the drop down list menu that contains preset list of limit settings that can be applied to the account. After selecting the package scroll down and click the create button .




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