Bandwidth exceeded error while accessing a site

Bandwidth exceeded error while accessing a site

You can view the bandwidth usage of a domain from cPanel.

cPanel >> Logs >> Bandwidth

When a domain exceeds the allocated bandwidth, we will get bandwidth exceeded error when we access the domain in browser. You can increase the bandwidth of a domain as follows.

VPS server:

1. WHM >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account.

2. Select the domain for which you want to increase the bandwidth and click “modify”.

3. In the following page, change the value of the bandwidth in the field “Monthly Bandwidth Limit (MB)”.

4. Click Save to save the changes.

Domains hosted in our shared/reseller servers:

By default “Modify an Account” option is not enabled in our shared/reseller servers. If you domain is hosted in any one of our shared/reseller servers, you can do the following steps to resolve the issue.

* Creating a new package with required bandwidth and assign it to the domain.

* Contact support team and they will increase the bandwidth for your domain.

Support team can increase the bandwidth only if there is unused bandwidth under your account (shared/reseller)'About Support
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